3 course-menu:

Entrée + Plat Principaux + Dessert = 34.50

Les Entrees         9.50

Velouté d’artichauts à Jérusalem
Jerusalem artichoke velouté with smoked beetroot and roasted almonds 

Rilette de saumon
Salmon rillettes with herring caviar, remoulade sauce
and a quail egg

Carpaccio de boeuf
Thinly sliced raw beef with truffle mayonnaise, pine nuts and brioche

Camembert gratiné
Scented with garlic, rosemary and thyme, served with crusty bread and crudités

Entrée du jour
Specially selected starter by our Chef.

Les Plats Principaux      19.50

Céleri au beurre noisette
Celeriac cooked in beurre noisette, with beech mushrooms, crispy palm cabbage, sheep cheese and sherry dressing

Bouillabaisse à la Marseillaise
Marseille fish soup with prawns, saffron rouille, Gruyère and croutons

Venaison grillé
Grilled venison with fondant potatoes, red cabbage,
berry sauce and mushroom croquette
(supplement +5)

Confit de canard
Duckleg confit with sauerkraut, heritage carrots and truffle jus

Plats Principaux du jour
Specially selected main course by our Chef.

Les Desserts        7.50

Café Parisien
French Coffee with whipped cream and Grand Marnier

Crème brûlée à la lavande
With lavender and cane sugar

Moelleux au chocolat
Warm chocolate moelleux with salted caramel and vanilla ice cream

Assiette de fromage
4 cheeses with monastery bread and homemade preserve
(supplement +5) 

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