Group Menu


Filo Pastry Parcel

wild spinach | sweet potato | red onion compote
smoked yoghurt | balsamic syrup


Crisp Pork Belly

black budding | radicchio | caramelized apple | apple glaze


Salad Fruit de Mer

mussels | poached salmon | tiger prawns | lemon mayonaise



Smoked Garlic Soup 

beurre noisette | breadcrumbs




mancheco | caramelised meloes onions | lemon cress
butternut squash sauce


Roast Baby Turbot

whole fish | forest mushrooms | hazelnuts | lemon-thyme butter


Lightly Smoked Veal Entrecôte  

beech mushrooms | celeriac mousseline | madeira sauce




nutbread | apple syrup


Grand Dessert

selection of our desserts



cocktail | espresso | vodka | choice of syrupe



Menu 3-Courses      38.5

Menu 4-Courses      43.5


Do you have something to celebrate? Or are you just looking for a location for a great meal out with friends, family or colleagues? At restaurant Bis we welcome you to come for lunch, dinner, our tasty tapas or our luxurious high tea. We have special group menus for groups of 8 up to 30 people.
For groups of 8 or more we need a applicaton first.


Call 030-231 58 31 or fill in the reservation form.

We will contact you as soon as possible and answer any questions you may have.


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