Tapas in Utrecht

Looking for a location for drinks and bites? What about Tapas at Bis?

As well as lunch and dinner it’s also possible to enjoy the famous Tapas of Bis.
The tapas can be order by piece or you can go for the tapas for 2 (or more) wihch is Bis’ selection of tapas from sunny Spain and not to be missed!
This selection is served on a grand plateau and is a small selection of all the tapas that Bis offers.

Fisch, meat, vegetarian bites and baked bread with garlic dip, something good for everyone to enjoy.


Tapas for groups

Do you have a celebration? A birthday, promotion or an anniversary? Or do you want to catch up with friends, family or coworkers?
It’s possible to enjoy the Taps with parties till 45 persons.

Would you like to bring more than 45 guests? Ask about the possibilities and mail to info@bis-utrecht.nl


The Tapas:

Meatballs                      7.5                       Fuet Sausage                                          6
Spanish Mussels            7.  5                    Pear and Cabrales                                  7.5
Serrano Ham                 7.                        Bruschetta with Tomato Salsa               5.5
Marinated Olives           4                        Tostade with Aioli                                  5
Manchego                      6.5                    Tiger Prawns in Garlic Oil                      8

Tapas for Two (or more) €17.5 Per Person


It’s possible to reserve for the Tapas but not necessary. You can still take a look at the lunch menu if requested.

Would you like to go to Bis this afternoon? Please call the restaurant to see if there are any tables available; 030 231 58 31, 

Tapas are daily served during lunchtime till 16:30.
Would you like to reserve during dinnertime? Ask for the possibilities and mail to
: info@bis-utrecht.nl 

Direct reservation